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The Sanskrit word for community is Sangha. It can also mean ‘company’, ‘association’, or ‘assembly’.

We are a creative skills center, an academy of technology and the arts that expands the mind, body and soul. With approximately 7000 sq. ft., we service the community with programs that provide employment, wellness and social skills training that are relevant to the “Information Age” skills set.

From the individual to the small business we invite those that aspire to learn new technologies and improve themselves. With the universal understanding of “teaching a man to fish”, our programs are facilitated by professionals and experts in specific industries and technologies. The intention is to address the technology gap with tools of technology and the arts that alleviate the illiteracy and health issues in the community.

“Nothing is at last sacred BUT the integrity of your own mind”
                                            – Ralph Waldo Emerson 1832

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