Join us in Austin TX during SXSW as Win Within Presents the 3rd Annual Music Showcase:  “Afternoon Delights!” at Tellers in the heart of downtown Austin TX, March 16th.

There will be many exciting bands, fun activities, and great people to connect with.  The showcase is open to the public, NO BADGES required, just a smile on your face!  <click for more info>

UPCOMING WORKSHOPS:  We are proud to announce our upcoming 2016, “WIN WITHIN WORKSHOP DAZE”, weekend of courseS, seminars, trade demos, education, technology engagement offering:

Permaculture Programs + Grant Writing Workshops Media Development Inventors Workshop Crowd Source Basics Digital Currency Panel

Admission is Free,  sign-up required as seating is limited.
<more info click here>


Win Within Sangha is a technology and arts learning academy.  In the spirit of community and building self-empowerment solutions, our purpose is to develop the individual to create solutions for him or herself that ultimately will strengthen the community.

 “Things do not change, WE change” – Henry David Thoreau

We operate a creative arts and skills center, based in South Central LA. The 7000 Sq. Ft. space facilitates educational programs that encourage the creative process, the exploration of wellness practices and the use of technology to empower individuals and strengthen the community.

We know that technology and innovation is spawned from creativity and by cultivating the creative process we will foster solutions that will realize self-reliance.

Our programs focus in three areas that are catalyst for change: Technology, Health, and the Arts.  Our focus projects and programs supports the pillars of change that develops self-empowerment.  We are proud to have impact in the community with developing and supporting programs such as:   Broadchester Farms,, YWCA PAsadena, and the Sangha Music Showcase.

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